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Double-Hung Windows

Choose the window style that adds beauty and functionality to your home

Ready to select custom replacement windows for your home? Ready for a new look? Improved energy efficiency? A more cohesive design?

If your answer is yes, your next step is to select the right window styles for your home. But, if you’re not a home renovation professional, the wide range of window terms might seem confusing and lead to more questions.

While you might have a lot of questions, there are really only a handful of window styles used in homes: Double-hung, Casement, Awning, Slider, Picture, Bow and Bay, Architectural shapes.

Let’s start with Double-hung.

If your first question is “what is a double hung window,” you’re not alone. But the terminology becomes a lot more understandable once you know that a single hung window has a fixed upper sash, with only the lower sash moving up and down.

A double hung window, then, is composed of an upper and lower sash that can be moved up and down independently of each other. This is the most traditional window style, the one that pops into most people’s minds when you say “double hung”.

Architecture: The workhorse of the window family, double hung windows complement a wide variety of exterior styles but match particularly well with Colonials and classic-style homes. Generally best suited for spaces where the window can be twice as tall as it is wide.

Exterior features: Double hung windows don’t interfere with landscaping, walkways or other exterior features.

Interior placement: Double hung windows can be difficult to reach when positioned over sinks, fireplaces or other interior design elements that require the homeowner to stretch to reach the window.

View: The area where the top and bottom of the sashes come together naturally blocks part of the view from inside.

Ventilation: Because they can open from the bottom and the top, double hung windows provide some flexibility, allowing ventilation at either – or both – ends. The sashes, however, always block some part of the window, preventing wide-open ventilation.

Verdict: Providing flexibility in a variety of categories, these windows are beautiful, functional and energy efficient. ProVia has developed a reputation within the window industry for developing products that provide a high degree of customization combined with outstanding quality and energy efficiency. Both upper and lower sashes on ProVia double hung windows open and tilt in for easy cleaning.

Keep your eye out for upcoming Feature Articles on the other styles of ProVia Windows. 

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