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Cabinets etc. Fieldstone kitchencabinets
Cabinets etc. Fieldstone kitchencabinets

Multiple Cooks

Design a kitchen for your lifestyle with Fieldstone Cabinetry.

There are a lot of decisions to be made before investing in a new kitchen. Prioritize necessities versus wish-list items. Consider your lifestyle and the needs of your family.

Are you a gourmet cook?

Do you entertain frequently?

Do you have a growing family or are you an empty-nester?

Are there special needs for aging or disabilities?

With Fieldstone Cabinetry's custom capabilities, you can design the perfect kitchen to fit your lifestyle. 

Too many cooks? Never!

If your kitchen needs to accommodate multiple cooks, plan to allow adequate workspace for each task.

Overall planning

  • Consider the work triangles, or your patterns of movement, and place appliances to be accessible to multiple cooks. 
  • A guideline for a work triangle space is a minimum of four feet and a maximum of nine feet.
  • Allow 48 to 60 inches of space between your countertops and island.

Workspace planning

  • Kitchen islands provide additional workspace and are preferred over a peninsula that can box one person in.
  • Position sinks or workspace areas so cooks aren’t back-to-back.
  • If children are helping, a workspace away from the cooktop is best for safety. More kiddo tips here!
  • Place trash and recycling cabinets where both cooks can easily access.

Appliance planning

  • A separate cooktop and oven work best with multiple cooks.
  • A prep sink, often located in an island, is a must when there is more than one cook.
  • A garbage disposer in each sink is convenient.

If not … An Entertaining Kitchen, find the Fieldstone custom kitchen that fits your lifestyle.

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Fieldstone Cabinetry takes pride in every handcrafted cabinet they build. It’s easy to see the beauty and attention to detail on the exterior of your new cabinets, and what you don’t see counts too!

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Cabinets etc.

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Multiple Cooks

Hazelnut and Rye

Fieldstone Cabinetry's two new cabinet colors for your home.

Multiple Cooks

An Entertaining Kitchen

Design a kitchen for your lifestyle with Fieldstone Cabinetry.

Multiple Cooks

Designed to Inspire, Crafted to Last

Custom cabinet affordability from Fieldstone Cabinetry.