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Lifetime Custom Swimming Pool Builders
Lifetime Custom Swimming Pool Builders
Lifetime Custom Swimming Pool Builders

Pools That Make a Splash

Turn your backyard into a destination.

Like a great vacation resort, today’s backyard pools are a one-stop destination for family fun, relaxation, and the kind of stunning beauty that leaves your cares behind.

Bay Area homeowners putting in pools today want amenities that encourage play, exercise and relaxation, as well as aesthetic features that enhance the look of their backyard, says Roger Bailey, Construction Manager for Lifetime Pools of Palo Alto, one of the most respected pool builders in the Bay Area. The goal, he says, is to create a pool that makes the whole backyard more functional, more enjoyable, and more beautiful.

“As professionals, we make recommendations based on your needs and desires and help make your pool a feature you use all the time—in the daytime for play and at night for atmosphere,” says Roger. So whether it’s
a new pool or a renovation, Lifetime Pools makes it do more by maximizing shallow water play space that can be enjoyed by the whole family; installing swim machines for exercise; and carefully crafting a resort-like atmosphere.

A few of Lifetime Pools best recommendations:

Cascades and Waterfalls
The splash of running water adds a soothing sound and dynamic movement to the backyard. It also helps muffle the sound of traffic or other ambient noise to make the pool area feel more peaceful and isolated.

Fire and Water
Fire features can be as simple as tiki torches or as dramatic as bright flames leaping out of a waterfall urn. “It’s beautiful to see those at night,” says Roger. “The fire reflecting off the water gives a whole different element
to the backyard.”

Vanishing Edge
Also called an Infinity Edge, this feature creates a horizon-like illusion to a swimming pool. Popular for hillside properties with spectacular views, Lifetime Pools also uses it to create a mirrored effect for pools surrounded by interesting trees and shrubs. Either way, says Roger, “the eye is drawn to the background because there is no hard edge of the water to stop it.” A Vanishing Edge changes your perspective, focusing attention on the beauty beyond the pool to make it part of your backyard resort.

Dramatic Lighting
Modern LED technology lights up the water at night and lends a romantic glow to the whole backyard. You can change the color of the lights to fit your mood, or program them to create changing light displays. For even more drama, use LEDs in water jets to send brightly colored streams of water arching the pool.

Turning an ordinary backyard into a poolside resort is an investment, but even in a slow economy, it’s one that homeowners all over the Bay Area are making. It is driven, in part, by the desire to get the most out of their backyard and pool, says Roger. It’s also fueled by new technologies that make owning and maintaining a pool easier and more energy efficient than ever before.

With so many possibilities, today’s backyard pool has come a long way since the company was founded in 1962, and Lifetime Pools has led the way in that transformation. Recognized many times for quality service and design excellence, they continue to use their experience and expertise to help homeowners all over the Bay Area create pools that turn ordinary backyards into vacation resorts.

To find out how to make your new or existing pool more enjoyable, more beautiful and more energy efficient, contact Lifetime Pools at (650) 494-7070 or visit The office is located at 910 San Antonio Road in Palo Alto.

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Pools That Make a Splash

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