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Smooth and Clean Shower Design

California Shower Doors make simple in design look elegant.

California Shower Doors been in the glass business for over 80 years and have had the pleasure of doing some truly unique and difficult shower enclosures. However, there is something to be said about a relatively simple enclosure coming together smoothly and finishing with a gorgeous look.

It is a great way to showcase their motto and for us to admire their process, from A to B to C, internally. 

Below are some examples of recent work where they were able to make something simple in design look elegant and methodical. 


On the Left: Regency series enclosure using Starphire glass with a non-operable transom. Please note the sloped ceiling.

On the Right: Standard clear Regency series enclosure with channel, pivot hinges, and three in-line return panels. 

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Smooth and Clean Shower Design

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Smooth and Clean Shower Design

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Smooth and Clean Shower Design

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