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Amazing Solar Panels with a New Sleek, Low Profile Design

GAF DecoTech Solar Systems integrated into the roof shingles.

The advancement in solar panel technology has allowed for the development of integrated roofing shingles that do away with the traditional rack-mounted systems. With GAF DecoTech solar systems, you can integrate the benefits of solar panels into the roof shingles of your home without the unsightly racks of panels that made old-fashion solar systems undesirable for so many people.

The features of the GAF DecoTech system start with the sleek, low profile design of the solar panels that are integrated into the roof shingles. The purposefully low profile means that it keeps the smooth flow of the roof intact while still providing solar energy for your home.

Neat & Clean: You will not see any exposed wires or unsightly design features in the panels used on your roof. This design complements the overall look of your home while augmenting its electrical potential in a safe, clean manner.

Moisture Protected: Because the panels use counterflashing and step flashing measures, they are resistant to leaks and potential intrusions by moisture. This also means that pests and animals will have a difficult time getting inside one of these solar panels thanks to its counterflashing design.

Incorporates Latest Solar Panel Technology: Over the years, solar panels have become more proficient at collecting energy which is why the GAF DecoTech design brings in the latest features. This means that your home will enjoy more solar energy thanks to the incorporation of the latest designs in solar panels for maximum efficiency.

The panels themselves sit flat on top of the roofing and are lightweight so they do no damage to the shingles. Installation is quick and precise so that the appearance of the panels complements your home.

The numerous advantages all start with the addition of solar energy to your electrical system. The more sunlight they collect, the lower your electricity bill will be. This means that you start saving money the moment the panels go online and continue saving throughout their lifetime.

Sleek Appearance: There is little doubt that the GAF DecoTech solar panel system is one that is quite attractive and complements the appearance of your home. For those who worry about having unsightly rack-mounted solar panels, this is the answer they have wanted.

Durable: Because the panels are attached directly to the roof and not rack-mounted, there is no room underneath for moisture, pests, birds, or animals to nest. This means that the panels are not only more durable, but the section of the roof they protect is also augmented.

Boosts Sale Value: Of the many improvements that may augment the value of your home, solar panels are one of the few that can make a real difference. This is because home buyers understand the advantages of having solar power cutting the electricity bills which makes them quite attractive and may boost the overall sale value so they can take advantage.

If you are looking to augment the power provided to your home and avoid the unsightly traditional track-mounted solar panels, GAF DecoTech provides the answer with their attractive, affordable solar panel system.

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Amazing Solar Panels with a New Sleek, Low Profile Design

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Amazing Solar Panels with a New Sleek, Low Profile Design

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Amazing Solar Panels with a New Sleek, Low Profile Design

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