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The Cool Kitchen

New French Door Fridge provides latest technology.

Chefs and moms alike will rejoice! Not only is this refrigerator reliable and durable, it houses the most sophisticated technology to date. DCS by Fisher & Paykel once again brings “cool” to the kitchen with the introduction of their French Door Refrigerator. The French Door Refrigerator has storage for everything from party platters, large entrees to magnificent five tier birthday cakes. With its superior ability to preserve and store the freshest ingredients, this refrigerator is sure to please the chef in all of us!

The French Door Refrigerator features are limitless. For starters, all drawers are designed with high quality full extension runners. The deli drawer is perfect for separate storage of cheeses and meats and keeps food you are defrosting separate from other items.  

This refrigerator also has the capability to keep your food at its ideal temperature making sure they stay fresh and last longer by offering their unique Humidity Control System. The HCS enables different food types to be stored at their preferred humidity level. Additionally, shelves and bins are removable to create a fully customizable storage solution.

What this means is that their “cool” solutions are as high-end as it gets. The freezer drawer feature a huge storage space for frozen items, roll out shelving with plastic bins for smaller frozen goods, and includes cantilevered gas shelving to enable easier cleaning. The new product comes in a high quality stainless steel finish with tall handles and hidden hinges.

At 19.5 cu ft, the interior space is superior to that of similar sized alternatives and also features ActiveSmart™ technology, automatic ice making, chilled and filtered water on demand and strong extendable storage drawers.

“DCS by Fisher & Paykel has led the market in culinary performance and sophistication without sacrificing functionality,” says DCS by Fisher & Paykel’s Product Manager, Gina Lathrum. “Our experience of fusing outstanding exceptional innovation and engineering with energy saving technology continues to set apart our products from other contenders,” Lathrum concludes.

What you get in the end is professional design with focus on function, performance and quality. So whether it’s everyday or soirée living, this refrigerator accommodates all lifestyles.

The Cool Kitchen

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The Cool Kitchen

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