The East Bay Home Show

The East Bay Home Show

The East Bay Home Show

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Smart Home Showcase

East Bay Home Show exhibits leading-edge home products.

The East Bay Home Show has a special treat in store for attendees – featuring the New "Smart Home Showcase" with an exhibit of leading-edge home products, several developed by Bay Area companies.

June Oven - The Intelligent Oven

Manufacturer: June Life, Inc. this oven has a camera and scale built in. You place your food inside the oven and it weighs and cooks the product perfectly every time. Live cooking demo's throughout the weekend so consumers will experience "intelligent" food right at the show.

Google Home

Google Home device is a voice-activated speaker powered by Google Assistant. Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It's your own Google, always ready to help. Just start with, "Ok Google". The Google Home on display at the show will be given away to one lucky attendee at the end of the show.

Devices That Look After the Baby
Manufacturer: Mimo

Smart Baby Monitor (Nest security cam will also be part of exhibit) Sensors in your baby¹s nighty monitor sleep, body position, and skin temperature.

Lights that Double as Audio Speakers
Manufacturer: Sengled

Solo Audio speakers screw into light sockets, enabling you to stream music anywhere in your home.

Charge smart devices wirelessly on a Corian Charging Surface
Manufacturer: Dupont

The proprietary Powermatrix app tracks the charging process. Plus, the surface is smart-charging stops when your device has reached maximum battery capacity.

Paint that stops the spread of bacteria with Paint Shield Microbicidal Paint
Manufacturer: Sherwin Williams

Paint Shield actually has the power to kill disease-causing bacteria within 2 hours of exposure on a painted surface. It continues to kill 90% of bacteria for up to 4 years despite washing or repeated contamination when the surface integrity is maintained.

Come home the smart way with Kevo
Manufacturer: Kwikset

Open your world with the latest Touch-to-OpenTM Kevo smart lock, powered by your smartphne and Bluetooth. Fumbling with your keys is now a thing of the past. Kevo smart lock takes only a touch to lock and unlock.

Home Systems Controlled With the Wave of a Hand
Manufacturer: Fibaro

Swipe Gesture Controller (Hue Lighting will be part of the exhibit) Gesture-activated pads allow you to control products and systems without touching them.

Super Strong Drywall that Can Hold a Television
Product: Habito drywall from CertainTeed

Hang a TV or shelving from Habito drywall without using anchors or finding a stud behind the wall.

Check back as we add more products to the Smart Home Showcase.

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