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If you don’t use your bathtub for whatever reason, why are you letting it sit there and take up so much space? One reason that many don’t use their bathtubs is that they just never find the time to take a bath. However, for others mobility issues is the reason their tub sits unused. The problem is that entering a traditional bathtub requires you to balance on one foot just to step inside. If you have mobility issues, balance is something that is often challenged. The good news is that we here at USA Bath can help! Our tub-to-shower conversion is your simple and affordable solution. Our product will single-handedly help you hold onto your bathing independence and your dignity. Plus, our tub-to-shower conversion will give you a great deal of added space in your bathroom which will help you maneuver around more easily.

Your Bath Lifestyle

Create a luxurious bathroom in your home with a few special amenities.

How to Get a Fast Affordable Bathroom Remodel

USA Bath can give you the bathroom of your dreams in 1-2 days.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Getting the bathroom remodel you’ve always wanted is fast and affordable.

Bathe in Safety and Relaxation

The many benefits and features of walk-in bathtubs.

Start Loving your Bathtub

Quality and affordable bathroom solutions from USA Bath.

Bathtub Conversion

Transform that old bathtub into a shower!

Get the Bathroom of your Dreams

USA Bath specialized in quick and affordable bathroom remodels.

Bathing Solution for a Lifetime

USA Bath Systems are designed for comfort, safety and durability.

Get your Bathroom Freedom Back in Beautiful Style.

USA Bath gives you back your bathing independence in comfort and elegance.

Tub to Shower

Get rid of that unused bath with a tub-to-shower conversion.

The Perfect Bath Solution - Fast and Affordable

USA Bath will create your dream bathroom in as little as one day!

Bath Independence

USA Bath California Remodeling can create your bathing oasis with safety and comfort features.

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