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Add Warmth and Authenticity with The Last Honest Shutter

Elizabeth Shutters is proud to sell The Last Honest Shutter at affordable prices.

Basswood shutters are a natural product built to bring warmth and character to fine homes. Like marble baths, granite countertops, oak floors and fine wool rugs, basswood shutters are deep and rich materials that create an authenticity and sense of permanence synthetic materials cannot duplicate.

Plastic shutters, like linoleum and Formica, have their uses. Where price is the primary concern, or where the panels will regularly be wetted (as in showers or saunas) plastic may be less expensive and waterproof. But homeowners who can choose consistently opt for the real thing. Here’s why basswood has become so popular:

Basswood has a greater strength-to-weight ratio in its natural form than any other shutter material ever developed. Greater strength enables more custom shapes including longer louvers and extensions not possible with plastic or lesser materials.

In the abstract, when it comes to blocking light; ensuring that shutters are attached properly to walls; or allowing for light control; there are few real differences between weak, heavy materials and stronger, light ones. But, as a function of aesthetics, design features and construction, the differences between materials are huge. Properly designed Basswood shutters don’t need the bulky support systems, chunky panels and extra framing pieces that lesser materials require. This results in an elegant look that is also stronger and more durable.

Strong, light, Basswood louvers can be extended further to create fewer, properly proportioned panels. These panels look better, weigh less and require less framing. Plastic and other, weak, heavy materials can only extend short lengths before drooping. To compensate, the designers must build smaller panels and more of them to cover the same space. Each small panel is heavy and comes with its own additional, oversized framing and support requirements. On particularly large openings, the panel frames, shutter frames and build outs needed to support weaker materials can make the openings resemble fortresses instead of windows.

Elizabeth Shutters manufactures and installs “The Last Honest Shutter” throughout California. They still makes shutters out of the finest whole Basswood and Acrylic materials by local craftsmen here in California. Maintaining quality, price and environmental standards has required new environmentally-sensitive manufacturing processes, attention to detail and highly trained personnel. But, the result is the best shutter money can buy at lower prices than most lesser products and their customer satisfaction ratings speak for themselves. View Customer Reviews  Elizabeth Shutters is proud to sell The Last Honest Shutter directly to consumers without middlemen, price gouging, sub-contractors or short cuts.

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Add Warmth and Authenticity with The Last Honest Shutter

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Add Warmth and Authenticity with The Last Honest Shutter

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Add Warmth and Authenticity with The Last Honest Shutter

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