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Affordable Solar Designed to Integrated into your Roof

DecoTech Solar System offer an affordable, high performance design.

The beautiful affordable alternative to rack-mounted solar systems.

Say goodbye to clunky solar panels with racks and brackets that are installed above your roofing shingles. The GAF DecoTech™ System is a low-profile solar system that's actually integrated into your roofing system. What you get is a sleek, beautiful solar roof — at a price you can afford.

The DecoTech System was designed by GAF roofing experts, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer.  They know roofing.

They made it low profile and designed it to integrate right into your roofing system. Then, they surrounded it with an exceptional perimeter protection system to reduce the risk of leaks or animal infestation. 

Low-Profile Design for a sleek designer look.

Deco Black Glass Finish has a beautiful monochromic look on your roof.

High Performance with best in class high output panels for optimal power output.

Built to Last metal frames for strength and stability for years of worry-free performance.

Looks Neat with no exposed wires.

Integrated Technology to maximize and monitor electrical power output.

Protected Perimeter with flashing to protect against moisture and leaks and animal infestation.

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Affordable Solar Designed to Integrated into your Roof

Going Solar

Going solar is worth the investment now and in the future.

Affordable Solar Designed to Integrated into your Roof

Amazing Solar Panels with a New Sleek, Low Profile Design

GAF DecoTech Solar Systems integrated into the roof shingles.

Affordable Solar Designed to Integrated into your Roof

A Sleek, Beautiful Solar Roof at a Price You Can Afford

The DecoTech System is the beautiful and affordable solar choice.