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Fine Craftsmanship

DeWils Fine Cabinetry is built to last longer, to look better and to be stronger.

When it comes to spectacular kitchens, the cabinetry will no doubt be judged by its appearance. But a great product not only looks good, under the surface it functions just as elegantly. There is so much to consider; the rich, buttery feel of the finish, the soft close doors and drawers, even the history of the maker. DeWils is a fine cabinet manufacturer that stands behind its name by not cutting corners – they take pride in the quality of our work.

At DeWils, they believe that beauty is in the details. That the incredible feel of the finish can only be achieved by controlling the process every step of the way. And, so it begins with the selection of raw materials (their lumber comes from FSC certified suppliers) every stick, every piece of our hand selected wood is custom milled, cut and joined within there Vancouver, Washington plant. Sanding between steps enables us to ensure ultimate smoothness and we hand–rub our stains and glazes for consistent color and to reveal the depth of the grain and its natural beauty.

DeWils is so much more than a family business. It’s a cherished tradition of fine cabinetmaking that spans three generations and over 50 years. It includes their extended family of employees, designers and craftsmen all of whom take great pride in the cabinets they create.  At DeWils, their standards are high because that’s what they would expect from a product.

Whether your tastes run to the simple or the stately, DeWils custom cabinetry has the perfect style for you.

Kitchen Classics, Inc. of Pleasant Hill, California, is an authorized dealer for Dewils Cabinetry. They will take your current kitchen and look at it as an open room. They’re able to reutilize the same space in a better way--increasing storage capacity by upwards of 40 percent. With a focus firmly set on function, they design for your lifestyle and your preferences, beautifying each space according to your tastes.

Fine Craftsmanship

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Fine Craftsmanship

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Fine Craftsmanship

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