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Here are the Most Popular Bathroom Themes and Colors

Granite Transformations can help bring your bathroom design theme to life.

Creating your favorite bathroom theme begins with the perfect backdrop. Today’s homeowners are opting for neutral or light-colored paint tones and bathroom tiles to complement their bolder accent colors and accessories.

Here are some of the most popular bathroom themes and the color suggestions to pull them together:

Spa Bathrooms

Beige and white still top the color chart as favorites for spa bathrooms, with gray as the new go-to neutral color for today’s interior designers. Pairing two neutrals gives a sense of serenity to the room, and both colors can be switched up with bolder accessories for a new look. View our Photo Gallery

Beach Themes

When we think of the beach, we imagine a blue ocean and soft white sand. When colors are muted, the result can appear more neutral. Muted blue or green is the perfect palette for this casual bathroom theme. Paired with white trim, sand-colored tile and white cabinetry, you will create a refreshing feel that your family and guests will love.

Old World

Creating a Tuscan feel to your bathroom begins with painting the walls in warm, earthy colors like Terracotta, gold or burnt orange. Although they are not considered neutral colors, the rich backdrop for this Old World bathroom creates a sense of calmness. Paired with vintage-style wood cabinetry and oil-rubbed bronze sinks and faucets, your Tuscan-style bathroom is a timeless addition.

Granite Transformations

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Here are the Most Popular Bathroom Themes and Colors

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Here are the Most Popular Bathroom Themes and Colors

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Here are the Most Popular Bathroom Themes and Colors

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