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Cardinal Shower Door Enclosures
Cardinal Shower Door Enclosures

Imagine the Shower of Your Life

Cardinal Art Glass Enclosures offers limitless design opportunities.

For years the trend in shower enclosures has been to use less and less metal to make your tub or shower enclosure disappear.  But many now are choosing a heavy patterned glass or cast glass. These offer several benefits. They offer varying levels of visual privacy, they don't look exactly like your neighbor's shower and they are easier to keep looking clean when compared to clear glass.

Cardinal Shower Enclosures offer a wide selection of models, finishes and glass options, from patterned to cast glass.  Their enclosures are engineered to the highest possible standards for maximum reliability, and carry a lifetime guarantee against defects in craftsmanship and materials on extruded aluminum parts. They also produce all of our stunning cast glass in-house, ensuring the best quality for your enclosures and architectural glass applications.

Cardinal produces a variety of swing and sliding shower door systems with finishes ranging from stainless steel to roman bronze and hundreds of custom powder coat colors to fit any color scheme. Cardinal’s design team reinterpreted the conventional sliding glass door system in its Skyline series. The series offers a sleek, seamless sliding glass door system where one glass panel slides along a fixed glass panel via a single rod and a set of robust rollers to handle the weight of half-an-inch glass panels.

Cardinal also reinvented the glass shower enclosure “proverbial” wheel with its TruFit series, which consists of a swing door that relies on 3/8-inch clear tempered glass panels. This is the first 3/8-inch heavy glass system that can be installed into fiberglass, making it a really easy way to freshen up the look of a bathroom. The product has been one of Cardinal’s best sellers in recent years as homeowners decide to stay put instead of trading up to a new home. The product has been particularly successful because it does not require a stud for installation, instead distributing the weight evenly up and down the wall through a series of anchors and wall jambs. The wall jambs can perform double duty by also covering up older screw holes or discolored tile.

If you looking for a one-of-a-kind ultra-premium shower enclosures, Cardinal Art Glass Enclosures offers limitless design opportunities. The three dimensional character of art glass provides a beautifully stunning alternative to the premium heavy glass units more commonly available. Now, for the first time, your shower enclosure can be the gem of your bathroom.  You can provide a drawing of your own design or offer your ideas and have our artists design a custom pattern for you. Let your imagination run wild. Do you want your shower enclosure to reflect your hobby, your family, your favorite place in the world? All these are possible with Cardinal Art Glass.

Add Cardinal’s surface protection products to help keep your glass easier to clean for years to come. Their Cardinal 10 Surface Protection and Guardian ShowerGuard technology provides your shower to stay beautiful forever with just a minimal amount of cleaning.

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Imagine the Shower of Your Life

Design an Amazing Shower of your Dreams

California Shower Door offer limitless designs and styles for your shower.

Imagine the Shower of Your Life

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Imagine the Shower of Your Life

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