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Outdoor Living Design
Outdoor Living Design
Outdoor Living Design

Innovative Ideas and Designs for Outdoor Living

Popular trends in backyard design add function and beauty to your backyard.

Backyard design has now become as important and as popular as interior design. There has finally been an attitude shift, and homeowners are beginning to see their backyards as part of their home rather than an add on. This has created a wealth of great ideas and design features that homeowners can take advantage of, and many backyard design trends to take inspiration from.

Sustainable Living

It’s important to have a functional and beautiful backyard space that works all year round with minimal maintenance needed. Homeowners are gravitating towards easily maintainable plants and blooms as well as opting for artificial grass which saves water and requires next to no maintenance. The other big trend in terms of sustainable living is hardscaping. This involves using hard materials such as stone, concrete and rock to form a patio area, or to create dividers that separate spaces based on their use. Hardscaping can bring real value to a landscape design, and will help to ensure that the landscaping provides longevity.

Making an Inside Outside

The addition of outdoor structures can help to create an inside outside, and this is one of the most prominent trends in backyard design. People want their backyards to be useful and they also want them to be beautiful, but taking standard architectural designs and tweaking them to work in an outside space, the backyard created will be something that functions exactly the way the homeowner wants, but that is also beautiful and blends in with the natural surroundings.

Go to Destinations

Currently, one of the key trends in backyard design is the creation of ‘go to destinations’. This means, creating a space within the backyard that is meant to be a little slice of paradise, a place where you can really just relax and enjoy your surroundings. This can be anything from a pool to complete outdoor family rooms.

Add Ambience

A beautiful backyard space can be just as good at night time as it is in the daytime. The idea is to add features which create a feeling of ambience to enjoy the summer nights. Many homeowners have chosen to add a fireplace, or a fire pit to achieve this feel. However, there are many other options such as solar lights, and outdoor heaters, as well as plush soft furnishings such as fur blankets. 

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