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Introducing the Gridscape

California Shower Door’s newest line of beautiful and unique shower enclosures.

In the past, if you were interested in a shower door enclosure that resemble the old framed window pane look of warehouses, your only option was an expensive custom metal fabricated unit. Until now Coastal Shower Doors has introduced the Gridscape Series.  These units have a fantastic vintage look with a modern, sleek design.

Versatile as it is beautiful, the Gridscape Series is available in multiple configurations, including a hinged shower door, a fixed panel, a sliding shower door and even, folding partitions for interior decorations.

Constructed with a single pane of glass, full divided-light doors offer a simple, beautiful functionality with design flexibility to achieve room-defining style. With multiple panes of glass separated by mullions, the glass in true divided-light doors is individually customizable to facilitate creative, unique spaces.

All Gridscape divided-light shower doors are available with a choice of three glass types: clear, satin, and smoke grey. The clear glass option combined with the black anodized finish is perfect for those wanting an industrial-modern factory windowpane look; alternatively, the satin frosted glass provides the feel of Japanese shoji door, and the smoke grey glass contrasted with a chrome metal finish is ideal for those seeking a sleek and modern vibe.

The Gridscape Series is available through California Shower Door. Serving the Bay Area since 1935, California Shower Door Corp. distributes, installs, and delivers custom shower doors and bath enclosures. The company specializes in unique, framed and frameless installations and offer free on-site design services.

If you are interested in these unique shower doors, or one of the many others California Shower Door provide, please call them today for a free estimate!

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Introducing the Gridscape

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Introducing the Gridscape

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Introducing the Gridscape

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