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Granite Transformation Kitchen Countertops
Granite Transformation Kitchen Countertops
Granite Transformation Kitchen Countertops

Revolutionary Countertops Fit Right On Top

Granite Transformation countertops are beautiful, easy and affordable.

It literally is a countertop that fits on top. A fusion of some of the world's finest granites, combined with advanced manufacturing skills, produces a lightweight, strong, durable, rock-hard surface.

Granite Transformations manufactures superior engineered granite countertops, composed of the world's highest quality granite and quartz, combined with ForeverSeal®, a polymer resin that we designed specifically to ensure the durability and lifetime use of our products. This means that their granite countertops are nonporous, stain and scratch-resistant, and unlike ordinary granite, our slabs never require sealing.

The ease of Granite Transformations' revolutionary installation process will make your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project simple, fast and stress-free. Their granite countertops are installed directly over your existing ones in as little as one day, so there's no messy demolition, and you'll never be without your kitchen.

In addition to kitchen countertops, their granite surfaces can be used virtually anywhere in your home, and are perfect for bathroom vanities, tub surrounds, shower walls, floors and fireplaces, among other areas. In addition, we have a wide selection of mosaic tile backsplashes and cabinets to complement any granite color you choose. So why wait to get the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams?

In just one day, your beautiful new countertop is set in place and permanently bonded to your old ones. Instant new kitchen—with no demolition and no downtime!

From kitchens to bathrooms, fireplaces to bars, granite gives you a sleek, sophisticated look. The experts at Granite Transformations will do it for you in a way that makes sense and accommodates all of your needs.

A FREE In-Home Design Consultation from Granite Transformations will give you the opportunity to see our products in the context of your home. Our design consultants will help you pick the best color and style combinations, so you can watch your dream kitchen or bathroom come to life before your eyes. 

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