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Bathroom design and remodels
Bathroom design and remodels
Bathroom design and remodels

Selecting a Bathroom Designer

Working with a good bathroom designer can make the difference.

If you’re building or renovating a bathroom, chances are just the thought of getting started is overwhelming to you. After all, there are so many different materials to choose from, not to mention the fittings such as the bath, taps, basin, and so on!  You don’t have to try and negotiate the maze yourself and hope that the finished product looks good at the end, though.  A good bathroom designer will take all of the hassle out of the project and leave you with a bathroom that is built to exacting standards and that meets all of your dreams and more!  

The first thing that you need to do before choosing a bathroom designer is to check their qualifications.  You want to make sure that they are appropriately educated or licensed as a designer.  Also ask how long the bathroom designer has been in business and how many designs that they have done previously.  This will give you an idea of their experience levels and experience goes a long way towards being a good bathroom designer as they’ll have a much better handle on the different fittings, finishes and materials available!

As well as checking experience and qualifications, you also want to get as many references as you can.  Ideally, your bathroom designer will have a portfolio that you can look at. The portfolio should contain photos of the finished work and testimonials from previous clients.  You may also want to ask friends or family that have had a bathroom completed recently who they used and if they were happy with them.  Word of mouth is often an excellent way to start the process of short listing designers!

Your new bathroom will probably have to last you for the next ten to twenty years so you want to make sure that the design is spot on!  To do that, you’ll need a bathroom designer that you are comfortable with. Not only do you want them to listen to your ideas and incorporate them into the design, you want them to be able to make alternate suggestions that may work even better.  You need to feel reassured that they are working for you, not just creating a design that they love.  The designer should also keep you completely up to date at every stage of the design and building process and be happy to answer any and every question you have.

Finally, you’ll want to check exactly what services your bathroom designer provides. All bathroom designers will provide you with detailed design services including preliminary drawings, a set of alternate designs that you can work from to create the final design, the final design plans with full measurements as well as all the materials and fittings used in the bathroom, and so on.  Many bathroom designers will also provide a full project management service which means that they arrange for and coordinate the tradespeople that are necessary for the new bathroom construction as well as organizing for the supply and delivery of all materials and fittings.  The more that your bathroom designer provides, the more their fee will be but it is worth it if all the hassle is taken out of the project and you’re left with a beautiful, well-built new bathroom to enjoy!

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