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Sofa Creations
Sofa Creations

Creating the Perfect Sofa

Sofa Creations offer custom sofas at competitive prices.

If you’ve been driving all over the Bay Area unable to find the piece of furniture you’ve been seeking, Sofa Creation can help. Once you pick a style, you tell them exactly how you want it to look. Only have 76 inches of space for a sofa? We’ll they will make it 76 inches! Like the look of a model, but wish it was 3 cushions instead of 2? Not a problem! Want to add tufting to the back pillows for a more tailored look? They can do that too!

All these styles are hand-made in California so you can get them in two weeks, and with hundreds of fabrics to pick from, you’ll be able to design something to perfectly compliment your lifestyle. Let Sofa Creations design experts walk you through the seamless process to help you create your perfect sofa.

  • Sofas and Sectionals can be customized to the inch, so each piece will fit to your exact specifications.
  • Any of their models that can be made into a sofa, sectional (in any configuration), loveseat, or chair.
  • Since they work directly with their production team they have more options in regard to design choices. Have a vision? They can help bring it to light!
  • Unlike their competitors who build overseas their pieces are made locally and will arrive at your door in 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Did you see a design you liked elsewhere? They can replicate models that have been discontinued or can’t be modified from other manufacturers.
  • They can add a sleeper to many of our models. They offer Queen, Full and Twin mattress sizes as well as a choice of mattresses.
  • Everyone’s back is different, which is why they have the option for you to choose the firmness.
  • The room your furniture is going in should be complimented by your new sofa, they offer hundreds of fabrics in different styles and colors to help you find the perfect style.
  • Don’t be fooled by competitors who talk about quality while not standing by their product, they offer a lifetime 7-year warranty.
  • Most furniture manufactures only offer one size, they customize down to the inch, this ensures it will always fit.
  • They offer a comfortable atmosphere to try out our furniture. You won’t find a pushy sales person at any of their stores. It’s for that reason so many of their clients end us as repeat customers who recommend them to all their friends.
  • Replacing cheap furniture costs more in the long run than buying a quality piece initially.
  • Save time down the road by buying a sofa made with kiln dried solid wood and high density foam back by an industry leading 7-year warranty.
  • Always check that the foam you’re looking at is flame retardant chemical free. That will provide a cleaner atmosphere for your family to breath in.
  • Life happens, that’s why they offer a multitude of easier to clean fabrics.
  • They offer a 5-year insurance plan for the fabrics that covers accidental spills and stains.
  • When you buy a custom sofa, you know you are getting a sofa that will feel comfortable even after hours of use.
  • Your back is unique to you, that’s why we offer many options to customize how a sofa will feel.
  • Their sales associates all live and work in the local community. By supporting their business, you are helping put people in your community to work.
  • They sofas are all made locally. By purchasing a sofa from them you are supporting your local economy.
  • If you are prone to spills and accidents or if you have animals that may scratch your new furniture they offer slip covers which can be replaced in the event that they are damaged.
  • They offer a wood base on select models that beautifully compliments hardwood or tiled floors.
  • You can get down wraps in the seat and back for the ultimate soft plushy feel.

Simply resister with Sofa Creations to get $100 off your next custom sofa.

Sofa Creations is all about creating the perfect sofa that fits you and your lifestyle. They have 3 Bay Area Showroom to serve you in San Francisco, Redwood City and San Rafael. For more information or for a FREE Quote, or link to their website below:

Sofa Creations

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