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December/January 2020

Kitchen Design

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Lighten Up Your Home and Improve Your Views

California Shower Door shows how frameless glass can showcase your surroundings while keeping you safe.

There’s a limited amount of real estate in the Bay Area, so it’s natural to want your space to feel as open and light as possible. One way to achieve that is to use glass, which offers a barrier without taking up valuable square footage or blocking views.

“Frameless glass allows everything to be seen, and helps you see more — in a bathroom, on a rooftop deck or on stairs,” says Tom Nolan, the president and CEO of California Shower Door, a glass company in San Francisco.
A business for life. The company opened its doors in the mid-1930s. Nolan was first employed in his teens, as a summer helper during the ’80s, and has been at the company ever since. “I love working with homeowners, creating beauty out of glass, and the challenge of keeping a successful business,” he says.
Talking teamwork. “I’m always inspired by our ability to create something unique, solve difficult issues and working alongside our clients,” Nolan says. “It’s certainly never boring. I love coming to work every day to work with my team.”

The following tips from Nolan can help you use frameless glass to lighten up your home.
1. Show Off Your Stone and Tile

Frameless glass can showcase the tile and stone in your shower while keeping the rest of the bathroom dry. “Often homeowners will block off great tile details with a shower curtain, and that’s unnecessary,” Nolan says. “It’s fun to show off those spaces.”

In the Pacific Heights home seen here, a frameless glass door showcases a large shower’s black, white and gray tile. “The tile would’ve been hidden, and it creates a lot of interest in an otherwise neutral space,” Nolan says.
2. Optimize Your Views

Building codes require most decks, rooftops and porches to have guardrails for safety. Glass guardrails don’t hinder the view; they also let more natural light through than traditional wooden barriers. 

The owner of the contemporary home in Oakland Hills seen here wanted to take full advantage of his views of the East Bay. “Frameless glass guardrails installed on his deck allowed him to have unobstructed views, both indoors and outdoors,” Nolan says.
3. Open Up Your Interiors

Glass guardrails help to create a spacious feel indoors too. They function as a safety feature while showing off architectural elements such as stairs, and better allow artwork to be seen from different areas. “It’s a great way to add depth without creating darkness,” Nolan says. 

In the Pacific Heights home seen here, frameless glass guardrails on a three-story staircase provide a view of the wooden stairs and the homeowners’ art collection. The glass also makes the home feel open and airy. 
Serving the Bay Area since 1935, California Shower Door Corp. distributes, installs, and delivers custom shower doors and bath enclosures. The company specializes in unique, framed and frameless installations and offer free on-site design services. We will also provide sound advice and years of experience in working with shower doors and enclosures.
For more information on California Shower Door visit them at

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