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Kitchen Design
December/January 2020

Kitchen Design

Napa/Solano - December/January 2020

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Granite Transformation , Kitchen countertops
Granite Transformation , Kitchen countertops
Granite Transformation , Kitchen countertops Granite Transformation , Kitchen countertops

Transform your Small Kitchen into your Dream Space

Granite Transformation design ideas offer a perfect mix of beauty and functionality.

Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you’re limited on design ideas; in fact, this lends itself to expanding creativity for making it the perfect space for your individual taste.

Here are some design ideas from Granite Transformation for how you can transform your small kitchen into your dream space, with a perfect mix of beauty and functionality:

Function Over Form - Since meal preparation is the main function of the kitchen, make the best of your small space by focusing on ways to make it work best for you. Experts say to focus on the right appliances and workspace to allow for a free-flowing kitchen. Scaled-down or innovative appliances, pint-sized microwaves, small two-burner stoves and single sinks are some ways to capitalize on your limited space.

Combine Materials - Small kitchens may lack architectural detail and appear boring if you don’t leverage interesting, eye-catching materials. Combining a creative mixture of cabinetry, countertop surfaces, fixtures, flooring, lighting and color can add a new dimension and excitement. The kitchen (left) features an entire wall of Brooklyn traditional mosaic tiles from Granite Transformations which add variety and draw the eye upward, making the space feel larger.

Glass - Incorporating glass is one of the easiest ways to make your kitchen appear larger. Installing glass cabinet doors, glass countertops, tabletops or even kitchen doors are great ways to visually expand your kitchen. Granite Transformations offers a broad range of recycled glass countertop colors and styles that can help your kitchen feel expansive, and exude luxury and class. The kitchen (left) features Black Star recycled glass countertops.

Creative Flooring - Human nature draws the eye down when one walks into a room, so it’s no surprise when experts suggest thinking outside the box when it comes to your kitchen flooring. Investing in a unique pattern, design or color will add a “wow” factor to the room and detract from the size. Granite Transformations can install stone or mosaic tile flooring to add a “wow” factor to your space.

A FREE In-Home Design Consultation from Granite Transformations will give you the opportunity to see our products in the context of your home. Our design consultants will help you pick the best color and style combinations so you can watch your dream kitchen or bathroom come to life before your eyes. 

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