Bay Area Home Improvement Guide

Serving the Bay Area since 1935, California Shower Door Corp. distributes, installs, and delivers custom shower doors and bath enclosures. The company specializes in unique, framed and frameless installations and offer free on-site design services. We will also provide sound advice and years of experience in working with shower doors and enclosures.

A Bold New Take on Sliding Shower Door Enclosures

California Shower Door takes the lead in custom shower door enclosures.

Design an Amazing Shower of your Dreams

California Shower Door offer limitless designs and styles for your shower.

Smooth and Clean Shower Design With An Elegant Look

California Shower Doors make simple in design look elegant.

Cast Glass

The ultra-premium art glass shower enclosures.

Introducing the Gridscape

California Shower Door’s newest line of beautiful and unique shower enclosures.

Create A Shower that Will Give You a Spa-Like Experience

Popular bathroom design ideas to build a better shower experience.

Selecting the Right Shower Enclosure

The questions to ask and options to consider for your new shower.

The Attractive Uses for Custom Glass Around your Home

Custom glass railings, guardrails, windscreens, mirrors and more from California Shower Doors.

Imagine the Shower of Your Life

Cardinal Art Glass Enclosures offers limitless design opportunities.

Today’s Showers

Unique shower door designs add to your bathroom remodel.

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