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USA Bath® is a home remodeling company that specializes in Bath Systems, Shower Systems, Accessibility Products, Full Bathroom Remodeling. We only carry products that we feel are high quality, durable and beautiful. USA Bath® serves homeowners throughout Northern California and Northern Nevada.

Here at USA Bath®, we have a simple philosophy. Offer high quality products and reasonable prices, with professional installation and top notch customer service. That’s what makes us popular with homeowners from Sacramento, Modesto, Lake Tahoe, Carson City, Reno and beyond. When you call USA Bath®, whether you need a tub to shower conversion or to remodel your entire bathroom, you can trust we will transform your space with our beautiful, durable, high quality products. Some of our bath and shower systems can even be installed in as little as one day!

Transform That Old Bathtub into a Beautiful Shower

USA Bath bathtub to shower conversions are quick, easy and are an affordable solution to get the shower you have always wanted.

The Perfect Bath Solution - Fast and Affordable

USA Bath will create your dream bathroom in as little as one day!

How to Get a Fast Affordable Bathroom Remodel

USA Bath can give you the bathroom of your dreams in 1-2 days.

Create a Luxurious Bathroom in your Home

Simple steps like can make a big difference in giving your bathroom a luxurious feel.

Get your Bathroom Freedom Back in Beautiful Style.

USA Bath gives you back your bathing independence in comfort and elegance.

A New Shower Will Transform the Look of Your Bathroom

Upgrade your bathroom with a new shower for your unique style and comfort.

Get the Bathroom of your Dreams

USA Bath specialized in quick and affordable bathroom remodels.

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