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Calstone Paver Design Roman Stone
Calstone Paver Design Roman Stone
Calstone Paver Design Roman Stone

A Unique Stone for your Landscape Ideas

Roman Stone is a great alternative to natural stone products.

Not long ago these outdoor structures were built using traditional brick and mortar methods.

This method of construction is time consuming and requires a high level of construction expertise. The cost of mortared masonry construction made outdoor entertainment areas unaffordable for many homeowners. Roman Stone is a great alternative.

Roman Stone is a modular multi-colored concrete unit that is adhered together with concrete adhesive to create commonly used outdoor structures. Roman Stone combined with high performance concrete adhesive allows structures to be built utilizing simpler construction methods, saving time and money. Roman Stone’s modular design, versatility and broad range of available colors, allow your backyard dream to can go wherever your imagination takes you.


When designing a BBQ island using Roman Stone, consideration must be given to the type and size of the BBQ, counter top preference, and any additional design features. Common features include sinks, refrigerators, storage cabinets, access doors and many more. Natural stone is a great counter top option. It can be cut to size, and provides a sophisticated finishing touch to your project.

Fire Pits 

A fire pit built in Roman Stone allows you to enjoy the perfect home campfire with an added level of safety and functional beauty. Consider the number of guests that you plan on entertaining to determine the appropriate dimensions and height.


Adding a fireplace transforms any patio into an outdoor living room. Take advantage of the Bay Area climate by entertaining and enjoying life outdoors year round. Build anything from a simple free standing unit, to an elaborate combination of living room elements.

Garden Planters

Create beautiful focal points by bringing your favorite flowers to eye level with raised garden planters. Gardening in raised planters is much more enjoyable than gardening at ground level, and it is easier on your body too. Raised planters add a level of protection to your prized plantings and reduce the likelihood of pet, rodent, or bug, damage. Roman Stone will not rot or attract insects, and does not contain any hazardous chemicals.

Seating Walls

Seating walls and division walls can function as standalone elements, element extensions, or as separate components of a design concept. Division walls can be built to suit your preferences. Walls can be straight or curved, and be simplistic or artistic in design. Walls can be capped with Roman Stone, natural stone, or architectural precast caps.

The aged and weathered appearance of Roman Stone is a smart alternative to expensive natural stone products. Roman Stone is available in seven unique color blends designed to complement our standard paving stone colors. All Calstone blends are created using colors, and color combinations, found in natural stone. Reproducing the random look and texture of aged and weathered natural stone is accomplished through a tumbling process to purposely create random fractures, chips, scratches, broken edges and corners.

Calstone has serviced Northern California with high quality concrete masonry and landscaping products for more than 60 years. They provide quality products, excellent service, competitive prices, and practical solutions to your creative ideas. For more ideas and information, visit your local Clastone contractor below:

Brasmerica Paver Systems specializes in the design and installation of Calstone Paver Stones in the Bay Area since 2008. From eye-catching driveways, to stunning patios, to serene landscapes, Brasmerica offers an array of services to complement your home and help you create the perfect dreamscape. They create a unique process for each client to ensure that your goals are met, success is achieved and everyone is happy. Brasmerica will provide you with an exceptional and consistent level of service, unsurpassed quality, and a tireless commitment to your budget and timeline. Read our Yelp Reviews!

Brasmerica Paver Systems can help make your home stunning and impressive, while also warm and inviting. Contact them today for a free estimate at 800-940-3557 or visit

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