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Cast Glass offers high quality and unique design

The ultra-premium art glass shower enclosures.

There is something about Cast Glass Showers that accentuates a bathroom like nothing else. The beautiful designed combined with the practicality of the glass enclosure augments not only the bathroom, but the entire home. The ultra-premium art glass enclosures offer three-dimensional characterizations that are stunning in their design and execution.

There are several features that make Cast Glass Showers desirable for your bathroom thanks in large part to their high quality and unique design.

  • Unlimited Design Opportunities
  • Multiple Glass, Finish, Configuration, and Hardware Options
  • Durable
  • Easy to Clean
  • Customizable for Virtually All Shower Sizes

You can choose from a wealth of different sizes and designs to create a unique cast glass for your shower. There are also multiple options in terms of the finish and hardware that holds the glass in place. There are single and double doors, door and panel, return panels, and two panel and one door configuration. In addition, the towel bars can be installed where you need them. Plus, a steam vent can be installed in a door or panel to vent the enclosure after showering.

You can enjoy numerous benefits that the Cast Glass Showers offer for your home. The first advantage is the adaptability of the shower itself to fit most bathrooms.

Unlimited Designs: You can select from the many designs that are available or send in your own design. This means that you can customize the glass to have the design pattern you want. It can reflect your interest, hobbies, favorite locations, family, and more. The designs work for residential homes and commercial enterprises such as luxury hotels.

Durability: The glass used is highly durable and resistant to the rigors of humidity, soap scum, and other elements that may dull or dim standard glass showers. The glass is easy to maintain so that it will stay bright and beautiful for many years to come.

Customizable: In addition to the design, you can choose from several configurations, finishes, and hardware options to augment the appearance and practicality of your shower. This allows you to customize the complete design so that it benefits your home décor.

There are many options when choosing Cast Glass Showers that will augment the appearance of your bathroom.  Plus, you can choose a fully customizable design that fits your budget and is easy to maintain. It’s little wonder that showers featuring cast glass are so popular thanks to their many benefits. 

California Shower Door Corporation is your authorized Cardinal Shower Enclosure dealer. In business since 1968, they’ve taken pride on the individual care that they extend to their customers. Their staff members are genuinely concerned about what our clients want, and will listen attentively and effectively to your shower door/enclosure needs. They will also provide sound advice and years of experience in working with shower doors and enclosures.

Their estimators provide excellent consultation and service to help you decide on shower enclosures that fit your design and budget. There office staff is there to consult with you in the showroom, on-line, and on the telephone to discuss any shower door concerns that you may have.

For more information on the right shower enclosure for your home, visit

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