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Porcelain tile bathroom flooring
Porcelain tile flooring
Porcelain tile flooring

High Definition Porcelain

Florida Tile’s creates a porcelain tile is virtually undistinguishable from natural stone.

Created to signify a revolutionary new product category, HDP® utilizes the most technically advanced glazing system in the industry today, digital printing. Like the technology that changed the television industry, High Definition Porcelain ® brings you the most realistic image possible, except it is on a tile.

Much like the picture on your television screen, the graphics on tiles are made up of millions of small dots of color. The smaller the dots, the higher the definition. In the 80s, most manufacturers used silk screens to apply glazes. The resolution was low and each set of silk screens produced only a single color pattern. Tile had to be rotated during installation or it was immediately obvious that every piece looked the same. The Roto-color process was a huge step forward in the 1990s and allowed for a pattern that wouldn’t be repeated for 20-30 tiles.

Digital technology uses 500 injectors to print with greater variety and less repetition in the overall pattern. This process allows for a production pattern that is not repeated for 180' or more. Today, with the advances in glazing technology, High Definition Porcelain utilizes digital printing technology pioneered in inkjet printers. This is a huge leap forward in both resolution and pattern variation, creating a porcelain tile that is virtually undistinguishable from natural stone.

Florida Tile continues to expand its offerings of high definition porcelain tile with the launch of the newest product line, Gallant HDP - High Definition Porcelain™ inspired by 2,000 years of classical stone.

Gallant’s smooth and understated beauty delivers the most beautiful and classical stone colors we have come to love. Throughout history there have been a few select stones that have decorated both large scale civic projects as well as private homes. These products have stood the test of time and are as elegant and desirable today as they were 2,000 years ago.

The Gallant series has brought all of them together in a single package with a contemporary format and a large offering of decos to match. The line is done in High Definition showcasing Carrara and Botticino Marble, Honey Onyx and Classic Travertine; all in a stunning collection of 6 colors. Presented in a large format 18x18 matte porcelain floor tile and complimented by a 9x18 ceramic wall tile in a shiny finish. Both are flat and smooth to the touch giving the line a dramatic contrast in surface alone. Each color is matched with its own listello, chair rail and corners as well as floor and wall bullnose and mosaics.

 Gallant also expands the success of the Renaissance and Pristine lines by providing an even greater number of floor/wall design combinations.  Gallant is GREENGUARD and Porcelain Tile Certified.

Florida Tile, Inc. is a world-class manufacturer and distributor of porcelain and ceramic wall tile, as well as natural stone and decorative glass and metal tiles. For over 50 years, Florida Tile has consistently taken the lead as an innovator by implementing new technology, delivering high quality products and protecting our indoor and outdoor environments.

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