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GAF Roofing Products
GAF Roofing Products

Your Roof Makes a Design Statement

What is the right roof to complement the exterior of your home?

A great way to add curb appeal to your home is to start at the top—with the most style-appropriate roof. Besides protecting your home from the elements, the right roof should complement your exterior design scheme.

Not sure what kind of roof suits your home? Here are a few suggestions:

• French Country: For these homes, the extensive use of stone and other masonry products incorporates various accent colors. Therefore, many different types of shingles and colors look good with this type of home. Camelot® Lifetime Designer Shingles, with their slate-like design, add another dimension of style to the roof while still maintaining the integrity of the overall architecture. For an affordable luxury option, consider Camelot II, which has the same type of look as Camelot but at a lower cost. The sleek lines of Slateline® shingles also work well with the French Country style. 

• Georgian: GAF's slate-look shingles, such as Camelot, or the sculpted tabs of Country Mansion® shingles are recommended. Typically, a more muted gray or black design best matches the red brick fronts.

• Colonial: Colonial-style homes have a very square and more symmetrical look to them, so the slate-look family of shingles is the best fit. Grand Slate™ and Slateline shingles provide the look of slate at a very affordable price.

• Tudor: With their steep- pitched roofs, Tudor homes are great for showing off an elegant roof style. They tend to have muted tones on the front facade accented with brown or gray cross-gables. Camelot and Slateline shingles are both good choices for Tudor-style home

• Craftsman: The Craftsman style looks great with wood shake-look shingles in earth tones, such as gray, green or brown. Good bets are Timberline® shingles, a popular wood-shake look, or Grand Sequoia® and Grand Canyon™ shingles, which have a rugged wood-shake and ultra-dimensional look.

• Mediterranean and Italianate: These ornate architectural homes are typically sided with stucco. Roof color choices are warmer browns and terra-cotta hues, as well as some dark grays. The slate/tile look of Camelot shingles in San Gabriel complements this architectural style well. Grand Sequoia and Grand Canyon shingles, with their warm color palettes, also make a good match.

• Ranch Homes: Ranch-style homes are characterized by their one-story design with very low-pitched roofs and spread-out floor plans. Grand Sequoia shingles provide a distinct dimensional look to the roof, while Grand Canyon shingles offer an ultra-dimensional version of the premium wood-shake option. Timberline is also a good choice.

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Your Roof Makes a Design Statement

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Your Roof Makes a Design Statement

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Your Roof Makes a Design Statement

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