Bay Area Home Improvement Guide

Warm Solutions provide you with the utmost quality products, customer service and professional installation services in the San Francisco and Peninsula area. Whether you’re remodeling or repairing an existing chimney or fireplace or you’re adding a new fireplace to your home, we are here to help you!! Your “indoor” and “outdoor” living plans can come to fruition with the selection of BBQ’s, Gas or Wood Fireplaces, and Outdoor Living solutions we have to offer.

The Best Room in your House Isn’t in the House at All

Firegear Outdoor is a leader in the outdoor luxury fireplaces, firepits and firetables.

Linear Fireplaces Create a Stunning, Eye-Catching Look

Sleek, rectangular shape linear fireplace offer a clean luxurious look to your home.

Fan the Flame

Warm your outdoor living area with American Fyre Designs.

Innovative Fireplaces Add Value to your Home.

Electric fireplaces bring affordable warmth, style and comfort to your lifestyle.

Linear Design Fireplaces

Valor designs unique linear fireplaces for your home.

Warmth and Beauty

Choosing the right stove to keep your family warm.

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