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Decorative Concrete Concrete refacing
Decorative Concrete Concrete refacing

Bring New Life to your Concrete

Concrete resurfacing can give your outdoor spaces a new look.

A driveway, patio or walkway can be one of the most useful exterior areas of your home if covered with an attractive surface material, cleared of all excess junk and with a little thought given to landscaping the area. Unfortunately these spaces are all too often covered with bland concrete which as well as looking rather dull and dreary, may have developed cracks or become stained with grease or oil over time.

Restoring such areas to a place you would be proud to use for entertaining, outdoor dining or just relaxing may seem like a daunting task. And indeed if the concrete is badly cracked and the surface uneven, generally there is no satisfactory alternative but to rip the lot up and re-lay it.

However concrete resurfacing can give your outdoor surfaces a new finish without a complete replacement. The process saves money over pouring all new concrete. This option allows homeowners to repair cracked or sunken areas in existing structures. Stamping and decorative concrete finishes are also a possibility to customize finished surfaces.

The usual repair or update process for a concrete slab involves breaking up and hauling away the old material. New concrete is then poured for the new surface. A patio or driveway created by this process is very expensive and labor-intensive, especially if it is large. In contrast to this, the resurfacing process uses the existing concrete structure as the base.

The concrete resurfacing material goes directly on top of the existing concrete area. This base is clean with no loose concrete or other debris. A repair material first covers all cracks, indentations, and other blemishes on the existing driveway or patio. Then the refinishing material goes over the entire surface and is finished with any desired decorative elements.

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Bring New Life to your Concrete

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Bring New Life to your Concrete

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Bring New Life to your Concrete

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