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Fixing that Old Concrete

Upgrade the look of your homes deteriorating concrete.

Many homeowners believe that there is no other solution for the discolored or cracked old concrete flooring except removing and replacing it with a new flooring. However, this is not true, concrete resurfacing is an easy and affordable option available for aging concrete driveway, patio, or other concrete flooring.

Resurfacing gives a brand new look to the old flooring and it seems as if a new flooring has been installed. It is a cost-saving and effective way of renovating a deteriorating concrete floor, but it cannot create miracle; hence do not expect it to solve severe buckling, underlying soil issues or other major problems.

There are different types of concrete resurfacing options available, which you can choose to give the floor a whole new look. Overlays are one of the popular options because of the different patterns that can be achieved by them. You can choose among the stampable overlays that look like brick or natural stone, the self-leveling overlays for smooth finish, or the micro-toppings for a textured finish.

You can also go for staining, where you can add an appealing solid color to a concrete floor. Moreover, staining produces rich semi-transparent color effects that can look like polished marble or stained wood because the stains seep deep into the concrete. Since the properties of the concrete surfaces vary from one another, the effect of staining also varies, and it is this distinctiveness that makes this option interesting.

Another option that you may choose is the stenciled concrete patterns that are available in an array of appealing patterns. A stencil is placed over the concrete surface and a thin decorative coating is applied over it in different ways.

Engraving or etching is also a popular choice where attractive designs are etched on the concrete surface.

There are many resurfacing options available that you can upgrade the look of your home’s deteriorating concrete surface.

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Fixing that Old Concrete

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Fixing that Old Concrete

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Fixing that Old Concrete

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