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Certainteed Roofing Solar
Certainteed Roofing Solar

Solar is Hot

CertainTeed Roofing’s breakthrough in solar roofing systems.

Imagine traditional roofing shingles with a smooth, sleek profile that look as beautiful as they are powerful.

CertainTeed is revolutionizing the roofing industry with the Apollo™ Solar Roofing System, featuring highly integrated photovoltaic (PV) panels into the roofing system.  In addition to the high performance of polycrystalline panels, Apollo is lightweight, durable, resistant to wind uplift, and can easily be integrated into either an existing roof or with the installation of a new roof that combines solar panels and asphalt shingles.  

Unlike rack-mounted solar systems, Apollo fully integrates with roofing shingles for a clean, seamless appearance. Each slim, 12-pound module features 14 high-efficiency polycrystalline silicon solar cells that absorb sunlight and converts it into electricity. Its lightweight design does not require structural reinforcement or evaluation, making it easier for contractors to install while maintaining roof deck integrity.

Apollo Solar Roofing Systems are the versatile solution for maximum power and flexibility in installation. The system harnesses more energy per square foot than any other, significantly decreasing your home's draw on the grid and reducing carbon emissions.

Apollo® Tile Solar Roofing generates power from high-efficiency polycrystalline solar cells mounted in arrays that produce 12 watts per square foot – more than double the output of some other technologies. That means significantly smaller arrays are needed to generate the same amount of power.

With its maximum output potential, Apollo Solar Roofing Systems can generate most or all of the electricity your home uses during the day. And if you don't use all the electricity your roof makes, the excess power flows back through your meter into the power grid, causing your electric bill to go down even further.

That makes Apollo Solar Roofing one of the most environmentally conscious things you can do with your home for beautiful, ecologically-sound future.

Solar is hot, and many states, counties and even local governments have programs to support it. Through 2016, there is a 30% one-time Federal Tax Credit on any residential CertainTeed solar roofing system.  And many local utilities are also supporting the expansion of solar.

For more information, contact your local Cetainteed Roofing contractor. They can answer your all your questions and help you find and handle your local rebates.

Solar is Hot

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Solar is Hot

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Solar is Hot

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