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Stamped Concrete Design Custom Concrete
Stamped Concrete Design Custom Concrete

Stamped Concrete Design

Tips and design ideas for using stamped concrete to add texture to your patio.

A colored and stamped concrete patio is the perfect decorative "flooring" for outdoor entertaining areas, offering all the beauty of an indoor floor along with the superior durability and weather resistance of exterior concrete.

More homeowners are also realizing that a stamped concrete patio can give them the high-end look of natural stone, but at a much lower price tag. What’s more, the money you save by installing a stamped concrete patio can be set aside for other enhancements to your outdoor space, such as a pergola or concrete fire pit.

Stamped concrete patios give you a vast array of decorative options not possible with other patio materials. The patio can be poured in any shape or size to fit the space, and you can choose from many different stone and brick patterns and even wood-grained textures.

Using stains, powdered pigments and antiquing agents, contractors can color your patio to look identical to natural stone or customize the color to complement your home and landscape. You can also set off your patio with a decorative border in a contrasting color and pattern.

Patterned stamped concrete is designed to resemble brick, slate, flagstone, cobblestone and other patterns. These natural stone looks are costly and require more upkeep than patterned or stamped concrete, therefore making stamped concrete much more economical and still capable of achieving a desired look. Because concrete is the most often installed surface for driveways, courtyards, and patios, stamped concrete is a popular application for creating a feasible and unique design.

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Stamped Concrete Design

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Stamped Concrete Design

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Stamped Concrete Design

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