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Crossville tile design, porcelian tile
Crossville tile design, porcelian tile
Crossville tile design, porcelian tile

Porcelain Tile Style

Embrace the durability and beauty of porcelain tile throughout your home.

Many of us have grown up knowing ceramic tile is a premium choice for flooring and walls. However, Crossville tile collections are described as 'porcelain.' So, what's the difference? Here's what you need to know.

Porcelain tile is actually a kind of ceramic tile. To be classified as 'porcelain,' a tile must meet certain standards of strength and moisture resistance. The body of porcelain tile is typically made from the same or similar raw materials as traditional ceramic but in different proportions. Also, porcelain is fired at higher temperatures. This powerful combination creates tile with heightened strength and minimal water absorption (less than .5%), allowing it to outperform even real granite.

Because of its advanced durability and moisture resistance, many porcelain tile lines are strong enough for the most demanding commercial applications and outdoor use. That means porcelain offers more than sufficient durability for the average family's wear and tear with no problem. Porcelain withstands heavy foot traffic, is impenetrable to water and stains and holds up to extreme temperatures beautifully.

Tile isn't just for the kitchen or bath. Homeowners are embracing the durability and beauty of tile throughout the house and beyond. Crossville's selection of rich colors and decorative elements make tile a viable surfacing selection for living spaces, bedrooms, outdoor rooms and everywhere in between.

One significant reason tile is gaining popularity in use throughout the home is its superior cleanability. Tile promotes better indoor air quality, as it does not trap allergens (i.e. dust, pet hair, etc.) It cleans quickly with minimal special maintenance, making it an excellent choice for bedrooms and family rooms anywhere the family needs to breathe easier.

Crossville porcelain tile collections offer countless customizable options. The tile collections come complete with rich color palettes, an array of sizes and assorted decorative options. Tile's flexibility and modularity invite unique patterns and creative, fully custom installations that add ambiance, and value, to your home.

Many porcelain tile products are suitable for outdoor installation, thanks to the advanced properties of strength and moisture resistance of their densely packed porcelain bodies. Picture tile on your patio, deck or walkway or even cladding the exterior of a building. The design opportunities are immense, as you can play with texture, colors and sizes to customize exterior spaces.

Porcelain collections often give you everything you need to surround yourself in the beauty of tile. With trims and decorative accents, tile makes lovely and durable wall covering. Crossville offers a range of wall tile selections to choose from. Mosaic tile has been popular for centuries, and today is no exception. Use mosaics to cover walls in colorful, detailed sizes. Mix and mingle colors and finishes for truly custom looks. Apply mosaics with proper slip resistance properties to wet area flooring to provide more traction.

Crossville is committed to setting standards, and then exceeding them. American owned and operated, they are innovators and leaders in tile manufacturing and design. And while our focus is on North America, we never stop searching the globe to bring the best solutions to our customers.

For more information and the right porcelain tile for your home, contact your local authorized Crossville Tile dealer in your area:

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