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“Reclamation” Porcelain Tile Collection

Crossville's first digitally produced line of porcelain tile from reclaimed materials.

Crossville Inc. continues to be the  innovative leader and sustainability pioneer in the porcelain tile industry with the introduction of” Reclamation”, their  first digitally produced porcelain tile collection. Inspired by the renewal of urban settings and reclaimed materials, the expansive line features a blend of meticulously designed facings and colors to achieve a range of textured, detailed looks. Reclamation is the essence of “industrial chic”: modern style—with a hint of nostalgia, versatile in its potential applications for residential and commercial settings. 

Reclamation’s quartet of colors—Whiskey Lullaby, Cotton Exchange, Steel City and Tobacco Road—harken to the evolution of industry in America. The line offers 16 different facings that interpret the look of wood, metal and concrete with a contemporary twist. Size options include 12”x24” and 24”x24” field tiles, along with a 6”x24” etching accent that gives a nod to graffiti art. A 4”x24” bullnose is also available.

“We looked to urban spaces and cityscapes for inspiration for Reclamation,” explains Lindsey Waldrep, Crossville’s vice president of marketing. “Everybody loves a good comeback story, so we turned to America’s roots of industry and enterprise to create a line that answers designers’ appreciation of reclaimed materials, repurposed elements and sustainable products.”

Reclamation is manufactured in the U.S. with Crossville’s EcoCycle manufacturing process, contains a minimum 4% recycled content and is Green Squared certified. The line’s superior technical properties make it suitable for commercial and residential use on interior floors and walls, as well as exterior vertical surfaces.

Born in the USA over 25 years ago, Crossville is committed to setting standards, and then exceeding them. American owned and operated, they are innovators and leaders in tile manufacturing and design. For more infomation, visit

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