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The Beauty of Recycled Glass

Handcrafted glass tiles add innovation and design.

Oceanside Glasstile this year revealed some of their boldest design ingenuity to date. With inspiration from jewel tones, and designs pulled from the deserts of Egypt to the bamboo groves of China, a whole new realm of glass tile is being born.

Oceanside Glasstile was founded in 1992 with a boundless spirit of innovation, a passion for hot glass and a new vision for the tile industry — creating luxury glass tile using recycled bottle glass. As pioneers of handcrafted glass tile we continue to pursue timeless design that preserves, honors and furthers our true artisan heritage.

Over forty colors and three distinctive surface finishes – iridescent, non-iridescent and matte are available in the Oceanside Glasstile color palette. The new colors Sapphire and Canary will add modern intensity, while Toffee, and All Spice contribute fun neutrals that help unite the current palette. Feras Irikat, Design Director expressed “These new colors are packed with punch, and provide amazing blending capabilities that will easily bridge the gap between 2-3 different colors.” These brilliant colors inspire eight new blends. Crystals and Smokey Blues are the night and day of bold blue unions. Indulge, Meringue, and Spring Fling offer a piece of sunshine for your design. While Bossanova, Chaparral, and Bourbon Buzz provide you with a rich blend of luminaries for a more earthy and comforting environment.

With the Elevations series continuing to grow in popularity a vision for new pieces became clear. The introduction of the angular pieces Flight, Tango, and Apex provide the designer with a multitude of design variations as the color shifts at angle breaks, allowing each color to play on the eye. The Stratus (set of 5 pieces) builds on the beauty of the Extrados design with flowing, organic curves. “The play of highs and lows showcase the strength of our hand cast process,” states Executive Vice President, John Marckx. As these masculine pieces came into fruition a realization to speak to the feminine side became relevant as well. Sculpted designs inspired by the Cherry Blossom, and Bamboo Grove have been added to our Haiku line to inspire a sense of tranquility for any home.

Oceanside Glasstile has had a conscientious commitment to the environment since its inception. Annually, the company uses over 2 million pounds of glass from curbside recycling programs to manufacture their products - turning waste that would otherwise end up in landfills into expressive design materials. Many colors contain up to 97% recycled material.

Oceanside Glasstile looks for new ways to use molten glass, a natural material, to create architectural designs for home and commercial environments. The manufacturing process aims to be a closed loop with as little impact on the environment as possible - from increasing the recycled content of the tile to minimizing energy and waste.

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The Beauty of Recycled Glass

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